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Courtney Weis  is a Broker/Owner at Indelible Real Estate Group, LLC. We are a private Commercial & Residential Advisory Firm. Our firm is one of the most respected and disciplined in the real estate space. We've built this company around one premise; making sure we have an alignment with our buyers, sellers and investors. We don't believe in over paying for things and we prefer to make sure our buyers and investors are in the best possible opportunity that gives them passive income from sound real estate deals. We are a one-stop solution!

Our team brings a level of expertise and service above and beyond what you would find in the average real estate representation. Courtney’s experience and knowledge of  real estate market stem from working with Hedge Funds, Investment and Private Equity Firms. She uses her legal background in real estate, loss mitigation, contract and corporate law, with over 20 years of real estate industry experience to help property owners, small businesses, financial institutes, investors and law firms come together and reach suitable agreements in some of the toughest situations.

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About Us


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